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Coin Case for Retirement

About Greisch Customs

Amelia Greisch's designs sit at the intersection of art and design. Inspired by the selfless acts of veteran service officers, she designed these cases as a token of appreciation honor a career of distinction and service.
The centerpiece of any office, a Greisch Coin Case's design is limited only by your imagination. Insignia, custom shapes, engraving, standing or wall-hanging, this coin case is designed to protect your collection in distinction for years to come.
Perfect for awards, retirements, and trophies, a Greisch Coin Case will honor the military service member in your life and allow them to display their collection with pride.


Custom Engraving

Embellish your coin case with engraving on the back, outer ring, or faceplate.

Military Insignia and Emblems

Currently licensed with the Marines and in negotiations with the other 4 branches of the military; logos, emblems and insignia from all branches will soon be available to be featured on your coin case.

Editions and Sets

Want to turn your challenge coin into a trophy? Greisch Customs can do that!



Greisch Customs is proud to offer custom challenge coin cases to our Military and Veteran community.
Please do not hesitate to contact us to see what exciting and beautiful designs we can create for your challenge coin collection.

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